Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Villain Design *SPOILERS*

I placed a spoiler warning on this post because the identity of the villain in Prisoners of Time was a huge reveal. I didn’t see anyone guess it before it was revealed and I personally thought it was a great choice on the part of the Tipton’s. I really don’t want to risk spoiling anything for anyone who has not yet read Prisoners of Time. That is why I have blurred the majority of this post. If you have not read Prisoners of Time yet, I strongly urge you pick them up first and then come back to this post. Click here to order them online.

If you have read Prisoners of Time or you just don’t care about spoilers, click on the blurred portions of the post to reveal the content.

Lost Companion detailed imageLost Companion detailed image Flat CLRWhen we were working on Prisoners of Time issue 3, Mike Collins produced this brilliant design for the villain (Left). The concept was that Adam Mitchell, who we had seen in the series one episodes Dalek and The Long Game, had become obsessed with the Doctor. He augmented himself with the technology of various races from throughout the universe in order to equip himself well enough to exact his revenge.
Since Adam is now composed of so many various bits, it was important that his design stayed relatively consistent from issue to issue. Since each issue was drawn by a different artist, some reference was needed. Mike came up with this design, which is composed of several of the Doctor’s past baddies (can you name them all?). I added some flat color (Right) so that Adam’s colors would still match in the issues I did not color.
Below is a fully rendered version I did so that he could be seen in all his glory!Lost Companion detailed image CLR

My Papercraft TARDIS

Papercraft TARDIS

Papercraft TARDIS- Click to Download

Back in 2012 I was asked by IDW to design a papercraft TARDIS which would be featured as a retailer’s incentive cover for Doctor Who series 3 issue 1. This was a fun change of pace from my usual coloring work and a chance to challenge myself doing something completely out of my wheel house. I had seen several paper TARDISes over the years, going back to the one published in the Doctor Who Technical Manual in the 1980s, and I wanted mine to have the best elements of all of them but still fit on a comic book cover. This is what I came up with. Unlike a lot of paper TARDISes out there, including the recent one created for the Doctor Who World tour, I didn’t want mine to be flat. I wanted it to have a more recognizable silhouette.

Since IDW is no longer publishing Doctor Who and this issue is now hard to come by, I thought I would share it here. Here are the instructions:

1. Click on the image at the top of this post and save to your hard drive

2. Print (a heavier paper stock may have better results)

3. With a hobby knife and a metal ruler, carefully cut each slot and and cut out each piece

4. With a hobby knife and a metal ruler, lightly score along each fold line (the light blue lines)

5. Fold each piece along the fold lines

6. Insert each tab into the corresponding slot

7. Take your new Paper TARDIS on an adventure, photograph it, and send the photo to me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Hint: When the original cover came out, I got a lot of comments about people being confused about the purpose of the “E” piece. I added that as a patch. Without using the “E” square while you assemble the base, there will be a square hole at the bottom where the white of the paper would show through. If you use the additional “E” square while you assemble the base, it will cover the hole so that the bottom of your TARDIS will be entirely blue. If you do this correctly, it will look like this:

Photo Aug 19, 9 55 26 AM

DWs3v1If you’re interested in having a closer experience to what you would have had if you bought the original Paper TARDIS cover, read the story it was published with. You can find the collected edition of The Hypothetical Gentleman in my eShop. Keep in mind, all of the Doctor Who books published by IDW are now out of print, so make sure you can grab these while supplies last.

Also, check out the other Doctor Who books from IDW that are still available.