Color Process: Star Trek/ Green Lantern Cover

This one is for all the process junkies out there. Here are images of each step in the coloring process I used on the Star Trek/Green Lantern #5 cover I colored awhile back. The line art is by David Williams.

GL ST _Orig_Lines
First here’s the original line art as I received it.
GL ST _Lines
Here’s the adjusted line art with the blue lines removed. (Click the image to see how that was done)
GL ST _Local_Flats
Flat colors, using local colors.


GL ST _Flats
I added a 40% color fill to help unify the flat colors and a few multiply fills to the foreground elements to begin creating some depth.
Here’s how it looked after the rendering stage. I used multiple layers set to a linear dodge to add the green highlights, and a few with some blue reflected light to help set off the figures.
GL ST _Final
Here’s the final image with the special effects added. The glow around Green Lantern and his power ring shield was done with the polygon tool with a little bit of feathering. I also used various custom fractal brushes to create some “energy wisps” coming off the shield (cause it looks cool). The swirls in the shield itself was done by sampling a photo of a bubble.

If you’re interested in a more in depth look at how I color please consider enrolling in my online video course, Learn 2 Color Comic Books 101