Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Villain Design *SPOILERS*

I placed a spoiler warning on this post because the identity of the villain in Prisoners of Time was a huge reveal. I didn’t see anyone guess it before it was revealed and I personally thought it was a great choice on the part of the Tipton’s. I really don’t want to risk spoiling anything for anyone who has not yet read Prisoners of Time. That is why I have blurred the majority of this post. If you have not read Prisoners of Time yet, I strongly urge you pick them up first and then come back to this post. Click here to order them online.

If you have read Prisoners of Time or you just don’t care about spoilers, click on the blurred portions of the post to reveal the content.

Lost Companion detailed imageLost Companion detailed image Flat CLRWhen we were working on Prisoners of Time issue 3, Mike Collins produced this brilliant design for the villain (Left). The concept was that Adam Mitchell, who we had seen in the series one episodes Dalek and The Long Game, had become obsessed with the Doctor. He augmented himself with the technology of various races from throughout the universe in order to equip himself well enough to exact his revenge.
Since Adam is now composed of so many various bits, it was important that his design stayed relatively consistent from issue to issue. Since each issue was drawn by a different artist, some reference was needed. Mike came up with this design, which is composed of several of the Doctor’s past baddies (can you name them all?). I added some flat color (Right) so that Adam’s colors would still match in the issues I did not color.
Below is a fully rendered version I did so that he could be seen in all his glory!Lost Companion detailed image CLR

My Visit to Earth Station Who: The Happiness Patrol Review

Since I recently made a blog post about my appearance on CGS, I thought I should also post about my appearance on the Earth Station Who podcast. I actually was on this one earlier, on July 25th. We reviewed the classic Doctor Who episode, The Happiness Patrol.

Have a listen:

Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol

Now that you’ve heard the Earth Station Who review, are you interested in checking out this classic Doctor Who story? If you are, please click on the following link, or click on the image to the right.

Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol (Story 153)

My Papercraft TARDIS

Papercraft TARDIS

Papercraft TARDIS- Click to Download

Back in 2012 I was asked by IDW to design a papercraft TARDIS which would be featured as a retailer’s incentive cover for Doctor Who series 3 issue 1. This was a fun change of pace from my usual coloring work and a chance to challenge myself doing something completely out of my wheel house. I had seen several paper TARDISes over the years, going back to the one published in the Doctor Who Technical Manual in the 1980s, and I wanted mine to have the best elements of all of them but still fit on a comic book cover. This is what I came up with. Unlike a lot of paper TARDISes out there, including the recent one created for the Doctor Who World tour, I didn’t want mine to be flat. I wanted it to have a more recognizable silhouette.

Since IDW is no longer publishing Doctor Who and this issue is now hard to come by, I thought I would share it here. Here are the instructions:

1. Click on the image at the top of this post and save to your hard drive

2. Print (a heavier paper stock may have better results)

3. With a hobby knife and a metal ruler, carefully cut each slot and and cut out each piece

4. With a hobby knife and a metal ruler, lightly score along each fold line (the light blue lines)

5. Fold each piece along the fold lines

6. Insert each tab into the corresponding slot

7. Take your new Paper TARDIS on an adventure, photograph it, and send the photo to me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Hint: When the original cover came out, I got a lot of comments about people being confused about the purpose of the “E” piece. I added that as a patch. Without using the “E” square while you assemble the base, there will be a square hole at the bottom where the white of the paper would show through. If you use the additional “E” square while you assemble the base, it will cover the hole so that the bottom of your TARDIS will be entirely blue. If you do this correctly, it will look like this:

Photo Aug 19, 9 55 26 AM

DWs3v1If you’re interested in having a closer experience to what you would have had if you bought the original Paper TARDIS cover, read the story it was published with. You can find the collected edition of The Hypothetical Gentleman in my eShop. Keep in mind, all of the Doctor Who books published by IDW are now out of print, so make sure you can grab these while supplies last.

Also, check out the other Doctor Who books from IDW that are still available.



My Doctor Who Chat With CGS

I recently chatted with Comic Geek Speak about Doctor Who. Take a listen:


Check out my recent appearance on the Earth Station Who podcast:

Earth Station Who: The Happiness Patrol

Earth Station Who: The Happiness Patrol Review

Also, as of July 1st 2014, all of the Doctor Who comic books that I worked on for IDW officially went out of print. If you’re interested in owning any of those, be sure to head over to my shop and see what is still available to order online: Shop Doctor Who Comics

TBT: The Zombies That Ate The World Animated Pilot

Zombies That Ate the World was my third coloring gig for comics. It is a brilliant dark comedy from the French publisher Humanoids, written by Jerry Frissen and drawn by Guy Davis. If you’ve never heard of it, its an interesting take on the Zombie genre. In the near future, the dead rise and but instead of this being an apocalypse they are accepted back into society and are referred to as the more politically correct term of “Life-Impaired”.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of this series. It’s first English printing was in 2003 where it was a part of the anthology title Metal Hurlant, beginning with issue 8. However, Metal Hurlant didn’t run the entire thing. In 2009, Devil’s Due published the series in English as a monthly title. Most recently, in 2011, Humanoids put out 2 English language hardcovers collecting the entire series. This is my favorite printing, aside from the original French tomes.

Back in 2005, I was told that Humanoids was having an animated pilot of The Zombies That Ate the World produced. They asked me to color some of the character designs and even a few backgrounds. Here’s several examples of those:

I don’t know if they actually used any of those, I don’t believe I was credited. However, the pilot does match the colors I did in the comics pretty well. Check out the final here:

Unfortunately, this animated pilot was never picked up. But if you enjoyed it and want to know where the story goes, it does continue in the comics:

An American Guide To Watching Classic Doctor Who

When I ask other Doctor Who fans if they’ve watched the Classic series I often get this response, “There’s just too much, I don’t know where to start.” For me, its quite obvious where you need to start, and no, you DO NOT start at An Unearthly Child. This is a common mistake. There is a proper viewing order for an American to experience Classic Doctor Who for the first time and I shall list it here:

Note: For brevity sake, I list the range of stories that should be watched. Any stories that were missing, incomplete, or unfinished before 1990 should be omitted until step 34.


1) Watch the entire Tom Baker run… TWICE!!!

2) Watch Peter Davison from Castrovalva to Time-Flight

3) Watch more Tom Baker!!! From Robot to The Sun Makers

4) Watch the Five Doctors 2 days before all your British friends do

5) Watch the Five Doctors again on the same day that your British friends do, just to rub it in

6) Watch more TOM BAKER!!! From Image of the Fendahl to Logopolis

7) Rewatch the Peter Davison stories you’ve already seen!!! From Castrovalva to Time-Flight

8) Watch Peter Davison that you haven’t seen yet! From Arc of Infinity to The King’s Demons

9) Watch the Five Doctors again!!! This time understanding where that unpleasant ginger fellow came from

10) Watch more Tom Baker!!! From Robot to Terror of the Zygons

11) Watch new Peter Davison stories interspersed with MORE TOM BAKER!!! (From Warriors of the Deep/Planet of Evil to Caves of Androzani/The Masque of Mandragora)

12) Re-watch all of Peter Davison’s run interspersed with the rest of Tom Baker’s run

13) Make sure you understand the concept of regeneration by watching Spearheads from Space, Robot, Logopolis, and Caves of Androzani all in one night!

14) Think you have a grasp on regeneration now? Then re-watch Destiny of the Daleks to remind yourself that Romana does it COMPLETELY DIFFERNTLY!

15) Think you’re ready to dive into Colin Baker? Tough! It’s time to watch some Jon Pertwee! From Doctor Who and the Silurians to The Planet of Spiders. (Note: it is assumed that you’ll lose interest if you watch these straight through so mix in some Tom Baker and Davison stories beginning with City of Death)

16) You’ve waited for it, its time to finally watch Colin Baker in The Twin Dilemma!!! I’m sure it will exceed all of your expectations.

17) Now watch more Colin Baker stories from Attack of the Cybermen to Revelation of the Daleks! Follow each story with a Tom Baker story, starting with Robot

18) Wait before watching anymore Colin Baker, its time to dive into the Hartnell era. To make this transition less jarring, watch this short video first:

19) Now watch from An Unearthly Child to The War Machines. Oh, and don’t forget to mix in the obligatory Tom Baker stories.

20) Try not to be confused as you’re going to be jumping ahead to Patrick Troughton now. Watch from The Dominators to The War Games, add Tom Baker.

21) Watch the Pertwee era again. Add Tom Baker and Davison

22) As you wrap up the Pertwee era, watch the Colin Baker episodes you’ve already seen. I’m sure you’ll find them even more enjoyable the second time around!

23) Now watch this:

24) Seems like this is the perfect time to watch something new, right? WRONG! Go back and watch the Hartnell era again and add Tom Baker!

25) Now Troughton… Don’t forget to add Tom Baker.

26) And finally, NEW COLIN BAKER!!! You can now watch The Trial of the Time Lord!!!

27) Watch Tom Baker

28) Re-watch The Trial of the Time Lord.

29) Watch Time and the Rani, Sylvester McCoy’s first story

30) Get excited that there’s a new Doctor you weren’t expecting

31) Have that excitement crushed and spend the next year and nine months watching the Pertwee era again. Adding Tom Baker is always acceptable.

32) Watch from Paradise Towers to Survival

33) Watch Tom Baker

34) Track down home video releases of previously missing, incomplete, or unfinished stories. Example: Tomb of the Cybermen, The Invasion with linking narration by Nicholas Courtney, Shada with linking narration by Tom Baker, etc. Watch in the order you find them.

35) Watch Tom Baker

36) Watch more Tom Baker

Congratulations, you have now experienced Classic Doctor Who in the American way!

Bonus points if you managed to find copies of these stories that had been edited together as one long movie.

 When in doubt, watch Tom Baker.

Gallifrey Bound!

I’m off to Gallifrey!

If you’re going to be there too, please say hi. Here’s my schedule if you would like to find me:


Friday 3:30 PM in Program B- Four Color Wonderland featuring Christopher Jones, Matthew Dow Smith, Richard Starkings, Tony Lee, and myself

Saturday 10:00 AM in Program C- Creating Prisoners of Time featuring Scott Tipton, David Tipton, Matthew Dow Smith, and myself

Saturday 2:00 PM in Program B- IDW: One Last Hurrah featuring Denton Tipton, Scott Tipton, David Tipton, Matthew Dow Smith, Richard Starkings, Tony Lee, and myself

Signings at the Bastoff Comics table in the dealers room:

Friday 2:00 PM (Matthew Dow Smith and myself)

Saturday 3:00 PM (Matthew Dow Smith and myself)

Sunday 1:00 PM (Matthew Dow Smith and myself)


This is a Small intimate gathering with Matthew Dow Smith, myself and up to 12 fans. This is scheduled for Sunday at 10:00 AM. Please sign up for this at the show.

I believe that’s all the pertinent info for myself. This schedule is pretty much set but still could change. I’ll tweet any changes as I become aware of them.

Also, if you see me hanging around in the lobby, bar, or where ever please feel free to say hi.


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